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Registration Closes Soon for One-Day Holiday Tourney!
by posted 12/05/2019


Registration for Connecticut Basketball's One-Day Santa Shootout on December 26, 2019 closes in one-week!

After the kids finish unwrapping their new kicks and are hungry for some run, they have Connecticut Basketball's annual Santa's Shootout Holiday Tourney which is a one-day tourney on Dec. 26th at Vale! 

Details regarding each event are as follows:
Connecticut Basketball's annual Santa's Shootout Holiday Tourney

1.      Teams are placed in four team brackets.

2.      As in a high school Holiday  tourney, the winners of the first two games play each other in the Championship game.  The two losing teams play each other in the Consolation game.

3.      All brackets will be played on the same day--Dec. 26th--in a two to three hour time-period. (Parents love it!!!)

The fee for the two games is $180.  (You will be billed after your bracket has been filled.)  Note:  As with all Connecticut Basketball travel playall players from any Club or team must be from the same town and grade appropriate.

Games will be played at: 
Vale Advanced SportsPlex
1280 Newfield Street
Middletown, CT 06457.


To register, you can click http://assn.la/Reg/?r=1:273958 or go to our website (www.ctbball.org) and click on the registration button!

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Week 2 Wrap-Up--Week 3 Preview
by posted 12/05/2019

Middletown, CT-

Marlborough Youth Basketball continued in its tradition as the “Detroit Lions” of Connecticut Basketball with their gym being the only one open after Thanksgiving—and hosting full state of nail-biters!

The Windham Lady Whippets 8G fell to host RAHM 8G, 27-24.  Colchester 5B squeaked past Marlborough 5B, 34-31.  Marlborough 5G edged a Groton 5G squad--not quire at full strength but just “playing with what they had”, 22-20.  Finally, in what might provide a preview of a 6G Final Four game, the Lady Vikings of East Lyme 6G prevailed against host Marlborough 6G, 39-36.  Thanks to all who braved the inclement weather to get the games in.

Connecticut Basketball plays at full strength in week 3 with the Madison Tigers back from the tourney circuit and the New London Whalers done with football.  More importantly a new era begins with the Manchester Hawks hosting their first-ever games as Connecticut Basketball members.  Similarly, the Luce Field House at Connecticut College will be christened and feature Connecticut Basketball  newcomers Stonington COMO and Westerly, RI.

Registration closes in two weeks for Connecticut Basketball one-day Santa’s Shootout at Vale in Middletown on December 26, 2019. With all Westerly, RI teams just signed up, among others, on this week.  See website for details.  http://assn.la/Reg/?r=1:273958

See you on the court.

Keep rebounding!

Connecticut Basketball

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We Support Immigration--But Not in Travel Basketball!
by posted 12/02/2019

Connecticut Basketball Coaches:

One of the many exciting things about the digital is the proliferation of international play (and immigration) to American basketball.

However, in travel basketball we do not permit immigration for other towns.  All players must be from the same town.

If you have not already done so, the instructions to register your rosters (which includes their residence) appears when you hit the RED button labled ROSTER REGISTRATION and follow the instructions.  (You may contact our webmaster Lotus Schwartz (East Lyme 6B) if you read the instructions and still need help.)

Three important notes:

1.       You do not need to “dual roster” a player playing on a younger grade’s roster.  As long as, the player in question appears on the young grade’s roster, they are registered and otherwise eligible to “play up.”

2.       You may have one person from your town or team, register all your Club’s teams; however, the team’s head coach is responsible for the accuracy of their team’s roster.  If challenged, claiming “my team manager made a mistake” will not be recognized as a valid defense;

3.       All rosters must be completed by November 22, 2019 at 5:00p.m.


Finally, if you do not have a password to the website all you need is (1) hit "Sign-in" in the upper right-hand corner; and (2)  click the question mark that says "forgot password" and follow the instructions.


Thank you for your support of Connecticut Basketball.


Keep rebounding!


Connecticut Basketball


Connecticut Basketball's Eligibility & Competition Issues

Our Club and Team eligibility requirements are as follows:

·         All players from any Club or team must be from the same town.  (Any exception to this rule but be expressly approved by Connecticut Basketball's President or its Executive Committee.)

·         Players are strictly prohibited from "playing down" but are permitted (and encouraged) to "play up."

·         Clubs and teams must provide proof of insurance and keep said insurance in good standing.

·         Clubs and teams must execute a League waiver and release of liability at the beginning of each season.

Connecticut Basketball's Roster Requirements & Protest Protocols

·         All teams must digitally submit rosters (with player numbers) prior to the season tip-off.  (Players who are “playing up” may be dual-rostered on the team for their grade level, e.g. 6B, as well as, the team for which they are “playing up”, e.g. 7B)

·         All League coaches will have access to the rosters for the teams within their division.

·         Coaches protesting a roster must submit a $75.00 protest fee.  Specifically, if the opposing coach protests that: (1) a non-rostered player played in the game; or (2) a player participated in the game in violation of the residency requirement, they must submit $75.00 to the League who will, in turn, with review the matter with oversight from the Executive Committee.

·         The team that is the subject of the protest may be asked as part of the protest process to demonstrate they are in full compliance with Connecticut Basketball’s residency requirement by producing the appropriate documentation regarding the player(s) in-question, a.k.a. the “Little League Rule.”  See https://www.littleleague.org/university/articles/residency-eligibility-checklist/

·         Violations of the residency requirement  can result in penalties up to and including expulsion from Connecticut Basketball.

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Turkey Shoot Wrap Up: Manchester 8G!
by posted 12/02/2019

East Hampton (Sports on 66)

Panthers, RedcoatsFalconsTerriorsThunderbirdsWhippetsRamsOutlawsHighlandersSachemsCougarsBearcatsLittle Rhodies, and Indians ran wild all weekend at Sports on 66 for the annual Turkey Shoot.

It was the first year in League history that non- Connecticut Basketball teams took home more hardware than our League teams—which is a testament to the top talent from across the region playing Connecticut Basketball, 

There were too many thrilling highlights to recount in one short update but here’s what we learned:

·         The Portland Jr. Highlander 6B double overtime thriller with the Jr. Red Coats of Berlin was as thrilling and well played game as you’ll ever see in youth (or even high school) basketball.  It was a tragedy that one team had to lose but we offer our congrats to the RedCoats—who outlasted Portland on Saturday to take the title.

·         The Westerly Rhode Island 5G Select Little Rhodies were inspiring Saturday night picking themselves up off the mat against goliath Windham 5G Jr. Lady Whippets (ranked No 1 in state for the 5G division) and taking Groton 5G the distance in game 2—falling just short in a game that came down to the final possession.

·         And then there was Manchester 8G! In the surprise of the weekend, the Lady Hawks announced their presence with resounding authority dispatching their competition early and often. New to the League, their matchup with undefeated HK tas well as powerhouses, East Hampton, Clinton and Madison should prove to be instant classics.

Our Champions were as follows:

5B HK Jr. Cougars

6B (Friday Bracket) Colchester Bearcats

6B (Saturday Bracket) Berlin Jr. Red Coats

7B Windam Jr. Whippets

8B Berlin Jr. Red Coats

5G Windam Jr. Lady Whippets

8G Manchester Lady Hawks


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Lazarus (Groton 5B) Rises--But HK 5B Endures . . .
by posted 11/29/2019

East Hampton--One of the most remarkable performances in Connecticut Basketball history was put on by Groton 5B in  its Championship matchup with the vaunted HK travel basketball machine earlier today.

The Cougars jumped out to a 14-0 lead--holding Groton 5B scoreless in the first frame.

On paper, the had no chance of coming back--but travel basketball games aren't played on paper.

The Falcons stormed back to take the lead late--demonstrating that they understood the single most important winning habit--never give up-never give in.  Just keep playing.

The Cougars held on earning Connecticut Basketball's first hardware of the season, 42-38 but Groton demonstrated that they're poised to have a remarkable season.

Congrats to the 8B Redcoats, who caputred their first Connecticut Basketball crown besting the 2018-19 regular season Champion Old Saybrook Rams

In 6B action Groton 6B (White-II), upset HK to advance to the Championship game versus the Colchester Bearcats in the first 5B bracket.

Panthers, Redcoats, Falcons, Terriors, Thunderbirds, Whippets, Rams, OutlawsHighlanders, Sachems, Cougars, Bearcats, Little Rhodies, and Indians will continiue to run wild tomorrow in Day II of our annual Turkey Shoot.

See you on the court.

Keep rebounding!

Connecticut Basketball 

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Can You Really Lose Because You Don't Have a Scorekeeper?
by posted 11/27/2019

Unfortunately, yes . . . .

Under Connecticut Basketball (and CIAC) rules the home team is the "official scorekeeper."

In order to challenge whether the official scorekeeper has correctly recorded your team's score, you must have a scorekeeper.  Thus, if you are the visiting team and Mary drains a three in the waning seconds of regulation but you got credit for two--and you don't have a scorekeeper, the officials will likely accept the scorekeepers recordation.

Keeping the book is easy and anyone can do it!

Check out this short video that you can forward to your parents (or siblings) to empower them to pitch in and keep the book!


Keep rebounding!

Connecticut Basketball



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Three Must Read Vignettes About Game Cancellations . . .
by posted 11/27/2019


Three quick must read stories:

(1)  Five years ago, I was driving my then-fourth grader up the long hill on High Street in Portland to Portland High School for a much anticipated matchup with the Jr. Wildcats from Old Lyme.

The schools were open but the weather was bad.

“Do you think they’re coming?  Do you think they’re coming?” my son repeatedly asked.

“I hope so,” I said (knowing that the odds were that he was going to be crushed in about 45 minutes time).

Ten minutes before tip-off, the Old Lyme Coach appeared with four of his players—a third (or fourth) grade girl from one of their girl's team to fill out their roster—and the family dog who was also donning a blue Wildcat jersey in case they needed reinforcements.

When I thanked him for coming, he looked at me like I was nuts and just said, “we don’t cancel.”

(2) Two years ago, one of our teams from HK committed to playing its regular season schedule while also playing in the Nutmeg Games.  As it turned out, they qualified for the Championship in the Nutmeg Games but the Championship game at Wesleyan was scheduled to tip-off about 10 minutes after their League game was to wrap up. 

But they didn’t cancel. 

Instead they played the League game and sent five kids over to Wesleyan to start their Tourney game.

(3)  Last night, the Club President from East Hampton sent me a text letting me know that it would be impossible for his team play on Friday at the Turkey Shoot.  However, he just didn't simply cancel.  Instead, he found an opponent to replace him.

Cancellations cause us time, money but most importantly, jeopardize our relationships and friendships with our member Clubs—who make the League possible by opening their gyms to all of us.

As the season is now in full swing, please know that we thank you in advance on appreciate your herculean efforts to never cancel on your opponent (and that we track cancellations to assess whether teams or Clubs will be invited back).

Keep rebounding!

Coach Gary


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