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CTBBALL Weekly: Week 1 Protocols In Effect
by posted 11/24/2022

November 25, 2022

Connecticut Basketball Leaders, Coaches, Family & Friends:

Our season tips off in one week.  Accordingly, all League coaches need to be advised that Week 1 protocols are in effect for all coaches.

Coaches are asked to review the materials referenced below to make sure Three important coaching obigations this week:


1.     Confirm Your Games The Old Fashioned Way

The website always controls and our League is 100% digital but on Week 1, we ask that you confirm your games with your opponent the Old Fashioned way.  Please look up their contact on the team page and shoot them a note or text just to confirm that we're all clear for Week 1.  

2.  How to Changed a Schedule Game/How to Enter Your Score/How to Keep a Scorebook

How to Change a Game.  The February/March schedule will issue before the end of the weekend.  Accordingly, all scheduling matters are now handed back to our member Clubs who then handle issues as they arise.  While our League instructions as to "How to Change a Game" the most important princle is that we do not cancel games--even if you have to play with 5.  The number 1 reason teams are not invited back is for cancelled games.  Thus, if a game must be changed, please follow the posted instructions to the letter.

How to Enter Your Scores. One of your most important coaching obligations is to enter your scores promptly after each game.  (Most coaches just do it from their phone.)  Detailed instructions are posted on the website as to how to enter your scores.

How to Keep a Scorebook. As in the CIAC the home team is the official bookkeeper.  However, if an issue arises and you are not keeping a scorebook--at the table--any dispute defaults to postion of the home team.  Please make sure you have a parent/volunteer to keep your scorebook.  Detailed instructions (and videos) are posted on the website as to How to Keep a Scorebook.

3.  Please Always Follow the Prime Directive 

As the regular season approaches our Executive Committee and Club Presidents ask that you review and familiarize yourself with our Prime Directive.  It's the most important part of our Culture and sets the expectationns of our League leadership to provide the kids, parents and coaches with a safe, fun and competitive enviroment:

  1. We work together to resolve issues off the court--and compete intensely on the court.  We strive to address issues without having to escalate them to the Club Presidents or the League.
  2. We communicate with respect.  We disagree without being disagreable.  We don't yell or scream at each--or write unproductive emails.  In fact, when we communicate we like to start it with, "we all really appreciate everything you do for our kids and community... [but"
  3. We play every possession like the 7th game of the WNBA or NBA FinalsBecause the most important winning habit is that success demands maximum effort at all times.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, if you're dealing with someone who is falling short of our high standards--please be the bigger person/coach (and we'll work it out later).

Enjoy the season!

Keep rebounding!!

Onward Together!!!

Connecticut Basketball
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How to Change a Scheduled Game.
by posted 11/23/2022

Connecticut Basketball Community

As we kick off the 2022-23 campaign, there are many new parents, coaches and Club leaders. 

In light of all the new faces, we thought it would be helpful to review how to change a game.

There are three key principles (and steps) to keep in mind when changing a game.

Firsttry to never cancel a game and figure out a way to play.   Our culture is to never cancel.  Please play with 5 and put a jersey on the family dog if necessary but do not cancel.  Cancellations are the number 1 reason, teams/clubs are not invited back.  Cancellations create numerous problems for your host and/or home gym so please assess whether there’s any way to play the game.

Second, if you absolutely must cancel (or change) a game, the steps are as follows:

  1. Call/Contact Your Opponent.  The first step is to call your opponent and try to come to an agreement as to when the game can be played.  (All contact information is on the website on their team page.)

  2. The Host Cost Should Then Contact Their Club’s Scheduler (or President).  Your Club’s scheduler (or President) will advise regarding the open gym slots—that will not cause a conflict.  To view your Club’s (or any Club’s) gym slots all you need do is:

    1. Click on the “FACILITIES” tab on the website.

    2. Scroll down to the facility in question.

    3. When you find the facility you’re looking for, click the small gray icon to the far right.  All gym slots for that facility will be instantly displayed..   

  3. Changing the Game.  To actually change the game:

    1. Stay in the view from Step 2 in which you are viewing all the venues games.

    2. Go to the game in question and click on the yellow icon to the left of the game.

    3. A screen like the one below will appear.  All you need do is use the drop downs to change the venue, time or opponent (who will all appear in each drop down). 

    4. When you’re done, click SUBMIT at the bottom of the page and the game is changed.  Please note: If the boxes above the SUBMIT button are check, the change will go to all interested parties including players and parents. 

    5. In the rare and extreme case in which a game must be cancelled, click on the "STATUS" icon and change the status to "CANCELLED".  The game will then appear with a red line through it signifying that its been cancelled.

Third, 0nly Schedulers, Club President’s and Team Leaders have security access to change a game.  Please contact our webmaster, Lotus Schwartz if you believe there is a concern regarding whether you have the right level of access.

Thank you for all you do on behalf of our kids and community!

Onward Together

Connecticut Basketball

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How to Post Your Scores
by posted 11/23/2022

Connecticut Basketball Coaches:

One of your important game day responsibilities--in addition to ensuring you have a bookkeeper and clock keeper for your game--is to post your score after the game is complete.

This is critical to help us monitor team strength for competitive balance as well as making sure our standings are correct for playoff seeding, etc.

Recording your score on the website is a simple five step process.

Step 1:  Sign Into Your Account

Step 2:  Navigate to Your Team Page

The screen that will appear should look as follows:


Step 3:  Click The "Results" Tab on the Left Side of Your Team Page

The screen that will appear will look as follows:

Step 4:  Scroll Down to the Game For Which the Score Needs to be Entered and Click the Yellow Icon to the Right.

The screen that will appear will look as follows:

Step 5:  Enter the Score in the "Points" Field Beneath the Team Name.  (See above) Then hit "submit" at the bottom and your score will then appear on your team page and on the black scoreboard on the homepage!














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How to Keep a Scorebook
by posted 11/22/2022

Connecticut Basketball Coaches & Families:
Keeping a scorebook is an important game day responsibility of each coach.  In addition to helping with post game analysis of your team's performance, if there is a dispute during a game regarding the score, fouls, etc.--the home team's book controls.
What follows are three short videos that explain, "How to Keep a ScoreBook."
Best of luck this season!
Onward Together!!
Connecticut Basketball
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Regis Closes Soon for Santa's Shootout!
by posted 11/18/2022

Connecticut Basketball's annual Santa's Shootout Holiday Tourney is Dec. 27th-Dec. 31st!

This tournament will be played as follows:​

  1. Teams are placed in three or four team brackets.
  2. Like a Holiday-Style tourney, the winners of the first two games play each other in the Championship game.The two losing teams play each other in the Consolation game.  (In a three team bracket, you must win both games to take the title.)
  3. Most brackets particularly for those teams that are traveling long distances will be played on the same day in a two to three hour time-period.

Santa's Shootout--like all Connecticut Basketball tournaments--is a New England Championship Qualifier. See below for details.


The fee for the two games is $190  (You will be billed after your bracket has been filled.) Note: As with all Connecticut Basketball travel playall players from any Club or team must be from the same town and grade appropriate.

Games will be played at:
  • St. Matthews (New Britain)
  • Connecticut Sports Center (Wallingford)
  • HomeField (Centerbrook) (4B, 5B, 4G and 5G only)

To register, just click this link! http://assn.la/Reg/?r=1:323577

See you on the court!

Connecticut Basketball

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Coaches Alert: Rosters are Over Due!
by posted 10/27/2022

Connecticut Basketball Coaches:

An important component of ensuring compliance with our residency requirement is registering your team’s players.  

Three important notes:

  1. You do not need to “dual roster” a player playing on a younger grade’s roster.  As long as, the player in question appears on the young grade’s roster, they are registered and otherwise eligible to “play up.”
  2. You may have one person from your town or team, register all your Club’s teams; however, the team’s head coach is responsible for the accuracy of their team’s roster.  If challenged, claiming “my team manager made a mistake” will not be recognized as a valid defense;
  3. All rosters must be uploaded by Black Friday, November 25, 2022 at 5:00p.m.

Finally, if you do not have a password to the website all you need is (1) hit "Sign-in" in the upper right-hand corner; and (2)  click the question mark that says "forgot password" and follow the instructions.


Detailed intructions regarding How to Upload Your Roster appear bellow.


Thank you for your support of Connecticut Basketball.


Keep rebounding!


Connecticut Basketball



In order to assign your roster to your team, you first must be signed in to your account and be listed on your team's roster page as the team's Coach, Assistant Coach or Team Manager. Coaches were assigned during the team registration process but Assistant Coaches and Team Managers were not.


Previously CTBBC rostered players

After you are signed in, the first step to assigning players to your team's roster is to see if they already exist in the CTBBC system or not.  Use this link to determine if they exist in our system and if they do add them to your team's roster.


Players new to CTBBC

For players not in the CTBBC system, use these instructions to add them and assign them to your team's roster.


Step 1 - Navigate to your team(s) roster page by using the "Team" menu and navigating to your team.

Step 2 - Click on the "Roster" link on the left side.

Step 3 - Add the player by clicking on "Options>Add a Player


Step 4 - Fill out the blank player entry form.  Note: CTBBC requires the highlighted information as a minimum.


Contact Tab

Personal Tab

Teams Tab


Step 5 - Finish by Clicking the submit button.

For additional players repeat Steps 3 through 5.



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2022-23 Winter Season Game Rules
by posted 08/28/2022

2022-23 Connecticut Basketball Conference Winter League Game Rules

  All games are governed by high school rules except for the following:

1.      Game Logistics. Each game will be scheduled for 70 to 75 minute time slots. A 3-5 minute warm-up period will be allowed prior to each game. Teams are encouraged to stretch outside the gym before their game, if permitted by your host.  You are likewise to start early whenever possbile.

2.      Length of Game/Quarters. We do not play running time.  You will play four 8 minute quarters.  Halftime shall be no longer than 3 minutes (and is otherwise a long time out).

3.      Ties. There are no ties.

a.       If the score is tied at the end of regulation, two minutes shall be placed on the clock.  The team ahead at the end of the two minutes is the winner.

b.      Overtime will commence with a jump ball. 

c.       There are no timeouts in overtime—just play.

d.      If still tied at the end of the two minutes, place another two minutes on the clock and repeat process until a winner is declared.

4.      Fouls. Team fouls reset at the half as in CIAC play for all divisions.

5.      Foul Shots. 4th-5th Grade Boys and 5th Grade Girls may shoot fouls 1 foot inside of the foul line (or to jump over the line). Referees are encouraged to call only blatant violations on the foul shooter at these ages.

6.      Ball Size.  4th Grade Boys, 5th Grade Boys and all Girls divisions will use a 28.5” ball.

7.      No Pressing Rules in the 4G and 4B Divisions (2022 Rule Change).  There is no pressing in the 4G and 4B Divisions, Specifically this means:

Following a defensive rebound or a steal resulting in possession creates an offensive posture. The opposing team must retreat beyond half court and play standard  defense.

There is no double teaming allowed outside the 3 pt area.  

If 2 or more players are swarming or playing pressure defense to a given player outside the 3 pt line, the referee will issue a warning, then a technical foul.

In the last two minutes of each half, full court defense is allowed as long as a team is not ahead by more than 10 points. 

8.      Time-outs.  Each team shall be allotted one-full (60 second) and two 30 sec. time-outs per half.  (No timeouts carry over.) There are no timeouts in overtime even if you have timeouts left over. Either coaches or players may call a time-out.

9.      Mercy Rule. There is no mercy rule in Conference Tournament play but we ask that you be mindful that a team’s season is ending with a playoff loss and that good sportsmanship is appreciaed.

10.      Referees. Board certified referees will officiate each game.

11.  Coaches Conduct. If a coach receives a technical foul he/she must stay seated on the bench for the remainder of the game.  If ejected from a game, the ejected coach shall coach any further in the tournament and serve a three game suspension at the beginning of next season.

12.  Parents Conduct. Any parent who enters the court during the playing of the game—including the stoppage of play—shall, at the referee’s discretion, cause a forfeit of the game.

* A copy of these rules be present at each home site.

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